Quality Industrial Seal Engineering

SealPlus is a leading Australian seal manufacturing and distribution company, with a longstanding commitment to customer service. Based in Mackay QLD, we specialise in providing a complete sealing service to the Bowen Basin and various industries world wide. We offer clients both custom-made and standard seals, suitable for the mining, agriculture, marine, food and beverage industries.

In addition to providing pneumatic, hydraulic, and rotary seals for a variety of heavy-duty applications, Sealplus are also experts in efficiently diagnosing the cause of seal failure, allowing you to fix problems before they occur and reduce machine downtime.

Custom-Designed Seals

By producing our custom seals in-house, Sealplus ensures competitive pricing and lightning-fast turn-around times. And with our on-site appraisals, we'll not only uncover the cause of seal failure but also engineer a solution by using the perfect material and seal design for your individual needs.

Standard Seals

Sealplus has access to the biggest range of standard hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotary seals in the Mackay region, allowing you to get your production – and profits – back on track ASAP.

We provide a wide range of seals, including single and double-acting piston seals, guide rings, rod seals, o-rings, backups, vee packs, x-rings, wipers, DU bushings, duo cone seals, PTFE contamination strips and much more.

We also offer seal kits for Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr, CAT, Volvo, and more.

Seal Failure Recognition

With over 25 years of mechanical experience, Sealplus excels at not only diagnosing the cause of seal failure, but also providing clear, actionable advice on the correct design and materials for maximum performance.

With experience in supplying seals for the most unforgiving environments, you can depend upon Sealplus to vastly increase the lifetime of your seals, decreasing or eliminating lost profits in machinery downtime and labour costs.