Diagnosing Seal Failure & Providing Solutions

sealplus seal failure recognition

We don't need to tell you seal failure can be catastrophic - with every moment of downtime seal failure costs you money.

That's why Sealplus has focused on becoming the number one seal diagnosticians in Mackay and the Bowen Basin.

Sealplus can assess your equipment on-site and determine the likelihood of seal failure and provide a custom-designed sealing solution to prevent a repeat performance.

With decades of experience, Sealplus knows exactly what does and does not impact on your seal's lifespan and performance. And with our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, we can provide a new seal with a design and material proven to resist punishment better than any others.

And with our business built on reputation and word-of-mouth, you can rest assured our suggestions will be targeted to improve one business, and one business only – yours.